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Magician. Film Maker. Photographer. Performer

Romain Lalire is a magician of his own. 


His work is synonymous with elegance, minimalism, with great care taken to every detail. He uses the latest technologies in his performances (mapping, tracking, VR, sensors...) while always bringing this little something recognizable among all : an omnipresent poetry, a way of moving, a precision of the gesture that characterizes him... All this contributes to create the "magic emotion" in each of his interventions.


He produces his own images (he is also a photographer and video maker) which allows him to have an accurate view of all his creations.


He also collaborates with engineers, motion designers, scenographers, directors and musicians when projects require it! But you will always find the "Lalire's Touch"!


Trained in mime in the famous school of Mime Marcel Marceau in Paris, he is as comfortable on stage with huge screens (led or video projection) as a few centimeters from you, on iPad and tablets. 


Major brands have already trusted him, whether in the field of luxury (Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Cartier,...), technological (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Fujitsu,...), and this throughout the world that he has been travelling for 15 years !


Do not hesitate to contact him to talk to him about your project, he will be delighted to imagine with you a concept that will enhance your next event.




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